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Federal Donuts was on the bride-to-be’s wedding website as a suggested eating stop for out of town visitors (I was in Philly for a wedding). After confirming a nearby location we bundled up from the chill and schlepped over – perfectly timed to beat the lunch rush.

You can pick a rub or sauce for the fried chicken. The no nonsense guy behind the counter suggested the za’atar rub which had dried sumac, cilantro, and other things I can’t remember but can confirm to be delicious. The chicken is piping hot, crispy but not teeth shatteringly so, and the rub is herby with a little bit of bite. The donut is honey glazed and tastes like a honey drenched biscuit. It’s soft and cakey with a perfect crumb and that special sweetness of honey. The whole shebang comes with a side of pickles.

Gen and I shared a half order which was perfect and topped it off with an extra donut order – pumpkin spiced latte. Again, SO GOOD. A pumpkin-y donut (not too sweet either) with a milky, spiced glaze.

Federal Donuts (watch out for the noisy website intro): 1632 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA 19103


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