eating > shell shock

This place has been added to the rotation of ‘places I will meet people for dinner after work’ even though it has become a soul crushing event to try and find parking in downtown Mountain View during the week (Bay Area infrastructure: bursting at the seams).

I keep coming back for three reasons: (1) crack-like sea bass, (2) 5 spiced french fries, and (3) oysters.


(1) The crack-like sea bass makes no sense. There’s kale and seaweed involved and some savory but sweet sauce and plain rice. It seems so unremarkable and it’s really not photogenic but it’s so very delicious.

(2) Not everyone is a fan of the five spice. I am. One order of fish and chips please. Don’t forget that fancy tartar sauce on the side.

(3) Oysters. Refreshing, briny, a wee bit of heat.

They also have some lobster poutine which sounds better than it actually is. It’s not bad but the fries are five spiced here too and in this incarnation it muddies things up a bit.


Shell Shock: 124 Castro St, Mountain View, CA 94043


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