reading > kon-tiki

Real talk, guys. This dude’s name is Thor.

Thor was trying to tell peeps that the ancient Peruvians migrated across the Pacific to the islands of what is now Polynesia.

Peeps were like, “Naw dude, that’s a lot of ocean in between. So, no.”

Thor: Rafts. They had rafts.

Peeps: Es imposible.


Thor then proceeded to find 5 other crazies to get on a balsa wood raft and show that you could definitely cross the Pacific on one of those suckers.* It’s a bit slow going in parts but the idea that these people got on a rickety raft and crossed the almighty Pacific is so bonkers that you have to keep reading.

I have South Pacific fever. Expect more books with this location.

Kon-tiki on Amazon (or be cool and get it at the library like I did)

*Thor was still wrong though. Oops.


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