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I forgot to tell you that I went to Philadelphia and had a bonafide philly cheesesteak.

Naturally, of the many cheesesteak places in Philly, I selected the one that had won a James Beard award. Nevermind that it was nowhere near our hotel. Nevermind that we are a bunch of weenie California tourists who do not know our way around.

Just, nevermind. We are in Philadelphia and we need a cheesesteak.

Off to John’s Roast Pork we go.


John’s is also known for their namesake roast pork which comes with greens. This was too porky for my liking – like, slightly gamey? Not our favorite.


The cheesesteak, however, was verrrrry good – soft bread, melty cheese, tender beef, a sprinkling of onions. We ate this on a freezing November morning and while our faces were frozen our tummies were nice and warm.

For fellow tourists, best to have an exit plan if you decide to venture to South Philly. We had trouble finding a taxi and had to Uber it out of there.

John’s Roast Pork: 14 E. Snyder Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148


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