wearing > pineapple lace

If tops proved their worth in compliments this top would be a clear success. I wore it for the first time on Friday and collected many nice comments about it. 🙂

Who can resist lace pineapples?

Nobody. Absolutely nobody.


I saw this top online and made it my mission to track it down in person (that exorbitant shipping fee on Anthro can just…). I had that squee moment where something you’ve been coveting meets your every expectation. I opted for a regular size even though this comes in petite. I’m hippy and can’t have things hitting me above that hip line so needed it to be longer. It’s very sheer so you’ll need a cami unless you’re an exhibitionist.

This is a good time to discuss the other staples I’m wearing. This is my hands down favorite pair of jeans. I wish LOFT made them in more petite washes in this modern skinny cut. I find LOFT jeans to hold their shape and fit my proportions well in the waist and hip. They’re also often on sale which is a nice bonus. They are still an inch or so too long since I’m suuuuuuper short but nothing a little inside fold can’t hide.

The flats are a new addition to my shoe line up. They are very cushiony and the bronze metallic is an easy-to-wear neutral. I found this pair at a nice discount at Off Saks. I like them way, way better than the overpriced gold Tieks I bought last year.

Anthropologie pina lace top | American Apparel camisole | LOFT destructed denim | Lucky Brand Emmie flats (couldn’t find bronze anymore but other colors available)


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