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I have the travel bug. While I’m busy program managing the crap out of my upcoming travels in May (fingers crossed that a rare, mosquito borne virus calms down before then and plans continue without a hitch!), I’m also daydreaming about other travels. I grabbed this giant coffee table book during one of my 10 minute dashes through the travel aisle at the library. It goes through every single country on the continent.

There are several page spreads for the usual suspects – Japan, China, Thailand, India – but also coverage on lesser known destinations like East Timor and Kyrgyzstan. It’s just enough on each country to spark your interest in researching more.


Two reasons why I picked this picture: baby sheep #1, baby sheep #2. CUTE!

The book reaffirmed my need to take a vacation devoted to Japan, re-added Laos to the list of places to visit in Southeast Asia, and piqued my interest in Israel.

The Asia Book via Amazon


3 thoughts on “reading > the asia book

  1. Sara says:

    May I suggest the Trans-Siberian railroad from St Petersburg through Mongolia to China? This requires surviving the South Pacific mosquitoes first, of course…

      • Sara says:

        A Ukrainian friend told me that I could have the same experience by hanging a picture of a forest in my closet and then sitting in the closet and staring at the picture for a week. YMMV 🙂

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