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We almost had lunch here but the Yelp reviews had us head to The Tripel instead. Since they’re just down the street from each other and it was 91 degrees this weekend, we moseyed over to Playa Provisions for some ice cream.

Playa Provisions has a bunch of different sections – a restaurant, ice cream parlor, whiskey bar, and market. This makes my work brain kind of explode but that’s neither here nor there.


There are only 8ish flavors at a time but they are soooo good. Creamy and rich but not overly so (you know that tipping point when it’s almost in the butter zone – I’m not a fan of that). I opted for the cheesecake with graham cracker kid’s scoop in a waffle cone. All of the best things about cheesecake – tang of cream cheese, nutty crust – in a handy cone vehicle.

M+Y also got the milk+coffee (I think probably the nicest coffee ice cream I’ve had) and cinnamon walnut (like a nutty horchata with cinnamon toast crunch).

We may or may not have gone back the next night and embarrassingly ordered the same thing from the same guy working the counter.

Playa Provisions: 119 Culver Blvd West, Plaza Del Rey, CA 90293

ps. Skip the photo booth in the Whiskey Bar. It’s a fail.


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