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This restaurant is SO CUTE inside. You get a great view of the entirety of the restaurant right when you walk in. There are huge windows that go from the floor to the high ceilings and look out onto the pretty patio. The weather was great for eating out on the patio and the lighting made for great blog pics. 🙂

The first of my two favorites was the sambal skate wing. My snobby Southeast Asian self gives this dish a stamp of approval. Perfectly cooked fresh skate wing with the spicy kick of ever-so-slightly stinky sambal with the chili fish sauce on the side. Lovely!


Why does it look like a cheese pizza slice though?

This next one has ruined all yams for me forever. We discussed how they might have cooked these at length. Boiled and then charcoal roasted maybe?


Super soft yams with a charcoaly skin, crispy lardons, chives, creme fraiche, and chilis. The baked potato of your wildest dreams.

We also had the oysters (good but 2 of mine were a wee bit sandy), lobster roll with squid ink bread (just ok), chili crab toast (better than real chili crab!), apple marinated short rib (just ok), miso cod (smokey from the burning wood garnish, crispy skin and shishito peppers), shitake mushrooms (standard), miso donuts (cinnamon donut holes with miso in the dulce de leche dip on the side).

Hinoki & the Bird: 10 Century Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90067


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