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I’m fresh off the plane from a work trip turned European adventure with my parents. It’s currently 3am so you’re getting this as I wait for the Melatonin to kick in…

I always envy the style bloggers that wear super chic clothes on airplanes. Denim, blazers, dresses, lace? It’s all so cute and fashion-y but not my cup of tea.

I’m one of those people that lets comfort and practicality win in this particular situation. My goals when it comes to picking what to wear en route:

  1. Be comfortable. (duh)
  2. Be warm. (It gets cold up at 35K feet.)
  3. Easy to adjust for destination weather. (Hi, layers.)
  4. Be able to use the bathroom without too much fuss. (Jumpsuits, you stay home.)
  5. Conducive to quick security line handling. (No lace up boots or tricky to zip/button jackets.)
  6. Not look like I rolled out of bed.


Here’s where I ended up on my flight from SFO to LHR (that’s London Heathrow for the travel noobs). Comfy fleece lined leggings to keep me warm but let me curl up every which way in the plane, a long black cami dress to cover the bum, a loose chambray top for a little extra warmth and contrast (plus a breast pocket in case I need my hands free), and gel lined travel flats perfect for the long treks through airports. Not pictured but also taken on the plane: my olive green Madewell jacket.

Also not pictured: the messiest top knot in the history of top knots.

Share your go to travel outfits if you’re feeling so inclined. 😀

fleece lined leggings from Ross (old), American Apparel black cami tank (old, similar), Old Navy chambray top (old, similar), Dr Scholl’s Joliet flats


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