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What’s a boxty?

It’s a potato pancake but not like a latke-potato pancake. More like a regular pancake that happens to be made of potatoes.


My parents and I had dinner here after being reunited post-the actual work part of my trip to Dublin. This place came highly recommended by fellow traveling coworkers. The above is a chicken leek boxty. Think of it as a chicken pot pie minus the pie and plus a pancake.

I’m so good with descriptions, amirite??


They warn you when you order this that you don’t get a pancake. Instead, you get some toothsome (in a good way) gnocchi with ham steak chunks and peas in a sweet chili sauce. Literally, that sauce is the chili sauce in a bottle that you dip eggrolls in.

If you can get past that this dish is very yummy if not a bit sweet. The gnocchi are perfectly crisped on the outside, the ham is a hearty addition, and the peas add some variety. I’m convinced though that the real reason this was so loved by my coworkers is that there’s actually salt in it. All of the other dishes, while ok, were seriously lacking in salt.

The Boxty House: 20-21 The Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland


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