packing > lay’n’go

That is the for real name of this. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Here’s my go-to travel make up bag that I’ve been using for over a year now. All wrapped up it looks a little something like this:


Which easily unwraps to this:


No more rifling around in the dark recesses of my makeup bag. No more dumping everything onto a hotel towel and frantically catching the stuff that rolls away. Seeing everything also makes for easy packing (yay!). It’s super portable and easy to keep clean.

Two downsides: it’s fairly expensive for a makeup bag and bigger palettes aren’t a great fit (I don’t often travel with these so it’s less of an issue though).

I also transport my brushes in the storage pouch that it comes with.


Parents: there is also a super extra large version of this that is designed to be used as a playmat that toys can be quickly folded into. FUN.

Lay’n’Go from Amazon


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