going > bora bora part 2: the bungalow

Sorry for the weird double posting. Where were we?

Ah, yes. I was being fancy.

You saw the living room already. Here’s the bedroom with access to the lounge chair side of the patio. My favorite thing were the terry cloth lounge chair covers – no need for towels!


And the bathroom with a million (ok, 5 — 7 if you count the ones near the tub) doors.


Other bungalow details:

  • It’s huge. More than enough for 2 people. I think you can book it for up to 3 but then someone would need to share a bed and that’s not quite in the fancy mode we’re trying to be in.
  • The bathroom consists of: 2 sinks, a separate closet for the toilet, a shower area, a giant soaking tub with huge windows and the aforementioned doors that let you keep the airy feeling of the room when they’re open but also give you privacy if you need it.
  • The living room and the bedroom have their own TVs. The living room also had a DVD player.
  • You get complementary bottled water during turn down service and there’s a healthy stash of coffee and tea in the room too.
  • The minibar is stocked with the standards but they can stock it up special for you (for a fee, of course) or you can ask them to empty it so you can stash your own goods.
  • The deck has 2 sections. One with a table and chairs that is fully shaded and the other with 2 lounge chairs and an end table that gets lots of sun until about 1pm (with some shade for your head area).
  • The deck has a lower part with an outdoor shower and a ladder right into the water.
  • There is a small window cut in the floor of the bathroom so you can peek at the water from there. I meant to take a picture with me underneath the bungalow but never got around to it. Sigh.


Here’s a view of our pontoon. Our bungalow is the first one on the left. I’m glad we were first because the other folks had a loooong way to walk for everything. For the lazy or not-as-able you can call for a golf cart to swing by and get you anywhere in the resort.


Up next: Bora Bora activities aka “You didn’t really just sit around for 5 days did you?”


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