going > bora bora part 3: shark and ray snorkel tour

Since Bora Bora was supposed to be relaxing we had a very short list of *goals* for a given day. It looked something like this.

Day 1: Settle in. Rest from traveling.

Day 2: Practice snorkeling and book our snorkel tour.

Day 3: Snorkel tour.

Day 4: Go to Viatape. Kayak to the little island.

Day 5: Spa time then airport.

That’s it.

To give you even more context some of these things – like, kayaking – lasted maybe 45 minutes. The rest of the day had ZERO plans but were usually spent reading, laying out, walking around the resort, napping on the patio, popping into the water, or eating. Basically it was the best thing in the history of best things.

The shark and ray snorkel has got to be one of the most popular activities. It will run you ~USD160 if you book via FS. There are 3 stops: (1) a manta ray stop, (2) the coral garden, and (3) a shark stop. We had 10 people in our tour: perpetually late inconsiderate couple, Team Mexico (2 couples), 2 spinsters (that’d be us), and the nice Kiwis.

And now, courtesy of my location history, you can see the rough route of our tour which took us all around the lagoon. The cluster on the right is the resort. The top where it says Motu Mute is where the airport is.


Do you see the bit on the left that leaves the lagoon? That’s the shark stop. The water is choppier here and a dark blue. Throw some sharks in there and it’s not for the faint of heart.

You’ll see we passed Viatape. That little drive by resulted in us nixing a visit to town the next day. Just didn’t look like very much to see.

Pro tip #1: Grab a jet ski life jacket from the resort before heading out. The orange life jackets are not comfy and they look funny.

Pro tip #2: Bring your own snorkel. C’mon you don’t know who has used those!


Look at that glorious blue water!

I had trouble taking pictures underwater (videos worked great though) but here’s a screenshot from the video that gives you a sense of how close you get to the rays.


And my friend Sara’s photo of the sharks (!!!).


The takeaway here is to go on that ray and shark tour. It’s pretty amazing.

Are you sick of Bora Bora yet? We have 1 food post, 1 more resort post, and a packing post to go. 🙂


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