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I often travel to eat and spend lots of time before the trip researching what to eat at any given place. Bora Bora was different since we knew the vast majority of time would be spent at the resort and at the mercy of their food choices.

There are 4 restaurants on the property: Arii Moana (fancy), Tere Nui (breakfast + grill), Fare Hoa Beach Bar, and Sunset Restaurant & Bar. We tried all of these except for the first which looked fancier than necessary.

Since we were there right before high season kicked off the restaurants had plenty of space. The resort, however, recommends dinner reservations for every place other than Sunset which is first come first serve. There are lots of reviews online that recommend the value of the room service which we found had slightly bigger side portions.

Enough blabbing. Where’s the food.

Our first meal was breakfast which is served buffet style at Tere Nui. We regularly gorged ourselves here since breakfast was free with our booking. Otherwise, it runs ~USD50 per person.


smoked salmon scrambled eggs, bacon, hashed brown, sauteed veggies, coconut cake, home fries

This was a typical ‘Round 1’ of my daily breakfast marathon. It was usually followed by something sweet: pancakes, french toast, crepes, or the local donut called firi firi. To be fake-healthy I ate a bowl of fruit (pineapple, rambutan, etc) and washed it all down with some black tea. I also grabbed some pastries a few times to bring back to the room for a snack later in the day.


burger, fries, and mango pina colada-esque drink without the alcohol

I ate this while lounging at the beach near the pool. The whole shebang will run you nearly USD60 for the burger, fries, and shake.

Here’s the view while I enjoyed this meal.



We ended up eating at the Sunset Bar for most of our dinners. It was tasty, casual, and had great views.


tempura shrimp, king crab roll, and sashimi

Sunset serves an Asian menu with sushi, noodles, and rice dishes. Each sushi roll runs between USD20-30. In this particular meal I had the tempura shrimp (piping hot, sweet shrimp with a crunchy cabbage salad) and the king crab roll (well balanced, very fresh with a spicy kick).

I also enjoyed a sizeable bento box with stewed pork (very rich – great with rice), teriyaki salmon (basically perfect), and steamed veggies (more fake-healthy); their chocolate lava cake (standard); and lemongrass creme brulee (could use a bit more of that caramel-y crust but otherwise very fragrant and good).


Hinano Tahiti amber

The local beer is Hinano which FS has 3 variations of – regular, amber, and gold. My favorite of the 3 is the amber. I’m crap at describing beers (but generally prefer lighter ales and lagers) so won’t attempt it here. Suffice to say that all 3 are tasty in their own right with the Gold being the most unique with its tropical fruit undertones.


grilled chicken baguette and french fries

Our last meal at Four Seasons was enjoyed post-spa and pre-airport shuttle at the Beach Bar. I wish I had ordered this earlier in our trip because it was very yummy – crusty baguette, grilled chicken, hearty tomatoes, crisp lettuce, tangy onion, and tomato aoili spread. The only weirdness was the dried coconut flakes which I easily picked out.

Whoa. Super long post! Sorry about that!


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