going > bora bora part 5: finale

Just a few more shots. 🙂


After an overcast dinner or two we finally caught the sunset and got the bonus of seeing them set up for dinner on the little island.


I made it my personal goal to make it out there and dragged Sara along with me (thank goodness since she’s a much better kayaker). Here’s a shot of the resort from the aforementioned little island. Just imagine me under one of those umbrellas enjoying a burger in a bathing suit (which is a weird combo, btw).


We came at the very end of rainy season but still got a few brief showers. They were actually kind of neat to see. Here’s a big ol’ downpour on Mt Otemanu.


FYI there’s a nice pool right off the beach. I opted for sticking to the beach but to each their own.


Lastly, a shot of the sky on the boat that took us back to Bora Bora airport.

The super relaxation part of the trip is officially over! We’ll take a little break for some read/wear posts and then head back to the travel itinerary where the next stop is Easter Island.


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