going > rapa nui part 3: misc

#1 Where we stayed

Lodging in Rapa Nui is varied but generally runs pretty pricey. We booked Pikera Uri (fun fact: that means black crab in Rapa Nui). It was cute, clean, and well located. Booking comes with airport pickup (just email to set it up) and a simple breakfast. The only place I found to book online was Booking.com.


#2 The museum

Pikera Uri is right across the street from the P. Sebastian Englert Anthropological Museum. Worth a visit! While we were there the island was having some internal conflicts with the locals protesting the influx of migrants from mainland Chile. This resulted in us paying no entry fees – ever, to anything.


#3 Beer

This island of 7000 has a brewery. I only got to taste the porter which was very nice. There’s also a lighter ale which I regret not being able to try.


#4 Eats

My favorite of the few places we tried was Te Moana which is right next to the playground/park on the side of town near Tahai. A bit pricey but everything was delicious.


#5 When to visit

We went in late May which is after the high season. The weather is chilly and wet with bursts of sun so pack appropriately! The plus side: less people = not crowded at all. The most popular time to go is February during the annual festival.

Final Thoughts: You’ll never forget this place. Totally worth the trek to get out here.


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