going > virgin atlantic premium economy on the dreamliner

How excited was I to finally take a ride on the Dreamliner? SO EXCITED. I had heard so many good things so when I found out that a Dreamliner route made sense for a recent business trip, I was all over it.

First up, Virgin Atlantic’s premium economy is actually premium (regardless of airplane type). Plenty of extra space (not just legroom, mind you, but wider seats due to a different configuration), real plates and cutlery (no plastic cups to be seen), and a bigger entertainment system. On the Dreamliner – some of the newest of VA’s fleet – the experience is amaaaaaaazing.


Look how big those screens are! The controls can pop out and both the big and little screens are touchscreens. There is plenty of room in the seat pockets and you also get a nice amenity pack (socks, pen, toothbrush/paste, eye mask, etc) in a felted wool bag.

I couldn’t get a good shot of it but there is also a very sturdy adjustable footrest – you can kinda see it near the bottom of the shot above. This + laying the seat back all the way was a very comfy combination.


Real plates! Real glasses!

They ran out of the chicken that I wanted – the flight attendant apologized profusely, said he’d tell customer service so I could get a voucher, AND offered me the chicken meal in economy as extra – but the veggie ricotta (while not particularly beautiful) was plenty tasty.

I ate absolutely everything in front of me – the warmed bread, the green salad, the chocolate cake.


I almost jacked the salt and pepper shakers but didn’t know where to stash them so they didn’t salt and pepper all of my stuff. How cute are these?


Breakfast was pretty standard for plane fare but just a wee bit nicer than usual economy – blueberry muffin, roasted tomato and mushroom, potatoes, and scrambled egg. Apologies for the purple tint courtesy of Virgin’s mood lighting.

I really think this is the best of both worlds – civilized travel that doesn’t completely break the bank. If you can find one of the new planes in the fleet the experience is really lovely.

Someone told me they ‘felt better’ after flying in a Dreamliner. I can vouch for this now. On my return flight home I took an Airbus on the LHR to SFO leg. After 10 hours I was totally swollen from the knees down. My brother said my feet looked like ‘zoomed in baby feet’. I had none of this on the Dreamliner LAX to LHR leg. Through some magic the cabin air quality is a little less stress on the body and the effect is noticeable.

Dear every airline that flies from SFO, Please fly more Dreamliners.

Dear Virgin Atlantic, I love your premium economy SO MUCH.


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