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feed with a side of nasi goreng and spicy wings

I’m in a new book club at work and was excited for the first pick to be a zombie book. Alas, I slogged through it realllly slowly and only finished it after taking it along with me on my recent work trip to Europe. It started off slow and finally picks up about 40% into the book (too long into the book in my opinion – if not for the book club I would probably have given up).

I’m into the zombie genre in general and the world Feed creates is as believable as any post-zombiedom world could be. I liked the storyline, the interesting details, the throwbacks to the pre-Rising (aka pre-zombie aka our world) times, and the plot twists.

I couldn’t get into the characters though. The unconventional brother-sister relationship is explained but doesn’t change the slight creep factor. I don’t think I reached a point where I cared about the main characters. The ‘good politicians’ are one dimensionally good as are the bad ones.

Sadly, I probably won’t be picking up the rest of the series.

Feed by Mira Grant on Amazon


2 thoughts on “reading > feed

    • joann says:

      I do! I dragged my brothers to watch World War Z. I’m pretty wussy when it comes to movies normally though. I’m totally up for zombie books!

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