wearing > cat sheet mask

I have a new hobby: Asian beauty products.

I’ve gone from my holy grail mascara to the occasional sheet mask to full on replacing my current skin care routine with some Korean and Japanese staples. It’s a work in progress that I shall share the trials and tribulations of here over the course of the next few months.

For now we’ll start with what is known as the ‘gateway drug to Asian beauty products’: sheet masks.


Not all Asian sheet masks turn you into a cat but this one does. You even get a fish in your mouf.


Some of them turn you into a dog or a panda or a geisha or an otter. Other ones are totally normal and don’t turn you into anything except for someone with a sheet mask on.

You are probably wondering: why the heck do people use these?

They are super saturated with nourishing goodness for your skin. I am interested in ones that help with hydration, wrinkles (ugh), and overall bounciness. This one has collagen, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E which are great for all of those goals (supposedly).

Verdict: This one was just meh. I love the cutesy cat thing but the smell is a major turnoff – vaguely cocoa buttery which I don’t like. The essence is sticky and even after a few hours hasn’t completely sunk into my skin. It was also pricey at $4.50/sheet at my local Asian beauty store (Apricot Beauty in Fremont, Facebook). I will be sticking to the Hada Labo Tokyo mask (which is an American-version of a Japanese brand and leaves my skin noticeably bouncy post-use) for now.


3 thoughts on “wearing > cat sheet mask

  1. caniputitonmyface says:

    I have this one in my masks to try pile. My local store had them on sale. I’m not sure I would have gotten it if it was $4.50 but I would definitely have higher standards for a mask in that price range!

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