making > tea party part 1: menu

A few weekends ago I hosted a tea party to celebrate another health-related milestone.

In upcoming posts I’ll cover menu, decor, and other details so you’re fully equipped in case you find yourself in the tea party throwing mood. Today’s topic: menu.


Here’s what I served —


  • cucumber + chive cream cheese tea sandwiches
  • smoked salmon + dill cream cheese tea sandwiches
  • egg salad + capers tea sandwiches
  • mini mushroom turnovers
  • mini chicken + waffles
  • mini baked potatoes with sour cream and chives


  • chocolate covered strawberries
  • macarons
  • mini blueberry pies
  • custard filled donut holes
  • mini scones


There are some people that would probably make all of these things from scratch. I’m neither that skilled nor that ambitious so I bought what I could. Here are my short cuts.

  1. Use frozen pie crust for the mini pies.
  2. Mini toaster waffles + Chicfila chicken nuggets = itty bitty chicken and waffles (if I did this again, I’d cook the waffles much closer to serving time – they got really hard)
  3. Mushroom turnovers courtesy of Trader Joe’s.
  4. Macarons from Costco. (TJ’s also has some but Costco has more flavor variety.)
  5. Donut holes from a local donut shop.
  6. Mini scones from Panera (sold in a variety pack and very yummy).

There were 7 of us and I expected the festivities to last ~4 hours so I estimated 9-12 pieces of each item. I ended up with just the right amount of leftovers (read: I felt like everyone left satisfied food-wise and I had some nibbles for later.)

I also got a nice bottle of champagne and peach and mango juice for bellini/mimosas. I picked up a box of Tea Forte teas which are pricey but very pretty, fragrant, and high quality. (Side note: I ended up ordering the wrong box of tea on Amazon and the incredible service from Tea Forte is sending me another one!)

Thanks to Lizzie (for the first picture) and Simon (for solving my picture woes).


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