wearing > asian beauty haul

Recall I mentioned my new Asian beauty products obsession? [Reminder for those with a bad memory.] Let’s talk about it! LONG POST AHEAD.

Here’s what I’ve collected so far.


From L-R: Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Sunsceen, Heroine Make Eye Makeup Remover, Mizon Black Snail All in One Cream, My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask, Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil, Sulwhasoo Overnight Pack


Aaaaand more: CosRX Galactomytes 95 Whitening Power Essence, Etude House Collagen Eye Patch, Etude House Face Blur

Craziness, I know. Right now most of my skin care routine is Dermalogica. I like it ok but it’s pretty expensive for what you get. Also, I’m convinced that Korean and Japanese ladies are pretty discerning when it comes to beauty products and this face ain’t getting any younger.  I’m thinking that experimenting might get me cheaper but also better Asian replacements (and additions).

I’m incorporating new stuff one at a time with a patch test beforehand and two weeks of usage before adding the next thing. Here are some first impressions of the ones I’ve already used.

CosRX Galactomytes 95 Whitening Power Essence
From: Amazon
Price: $17.98 with free Prime shipping
I wanted to try out essences and this had the most votes in this thread on Reddit. I’m also getting hyperpigmentation (ugh, aging) on my cheeks which I’m hoping this helps/addresses/slows. I know the *whitening* thing is creepy but they actually mean brightening rather than make-me-paler. I want to ~glow~. HA.

Impressions: Meh. I’m starting week 3 of this and can’t tell a difference yet. I think it will take a full month or two to get a real opinion.

Sulwahsoo Overnight Pack
From: Amazon
Price: $47.97 with free Prime shipping
This is the priciest thing so far but, again, I found it time and time again on must-try lists. Overnight packs go last in your evening regimen and then get washed off in the morning. This one has a nice pine-y kind of medicine-y smell from the ginseng.

Impressions: Too early to say. I’ve only used it 3 times or so (2x a week). It feels nice so far.

Heroine Make Eye Makeup Remover
From: Apricot Beauty & Cosmetics in Fremont (FB page)
Price: $15+ tax (I think)
I use the Heroine mascara so I was hoping this would do an even better job than the pricey Dermalogica Precleanse I rely on. That mascara is like cement, I tell ya.

Impressions: Not impressed. It smells alcohol based so it actually stings a bit to use it on your eyes. It doesn’t melt the mascara off either.  I have to take several passes with a soaked cotton pad to make any dent and even then I have to follow up with the Precleanse. Fail.

Etude House Collagen Eye Patch
From: Amazon
Price: $12.46 for 10 packs with free Prime shipping
My under eye area is not my favorite. I bought these specifically to help recover from travel induced skin craziness.

Impressions: Great for what I bought them for. Very refreshing after a long flight. I keep one stashed in my toiletry bag.

That’s all I’ve tried so far! As you can see there are several months left of products to get through! Let’s hope my face and wallet holds up to the testing.


2 thoughts on “wearing > asian beauty haul

  1. Sara says:

    Have you tried the Dermalogica soothing eye makeup remover? Pricey (like all Dermalogica), but it has been the best I’ve tried in terms of getting rid of my Benefit ‘They’re Real’ mascara (when I use it – it’s like cement too, so I save it for special occasions and use Givenchy most days, which Precleanse is able to take care of).

    Also, I just got a Kiehls undereye creme (that is more of a concealer, I guess) – http://www.kiehls.com/clearly-corrective-dark-circle-perfector-spf-30/KHL843.html?cgid=face-eye&dwvar_KHL843_size=0.5%20fl.%20oz.%20Tube#start=18&cgid=face-eye. I’m loving it so far – it’s expensive, but a little goes a loooong way and I think the tube will last a long time. Not sure if it’s actually doing anything for my dark circles in the long run, but the concealing properties are awesome without feeling too dense or settling into wrinkles over the course of the day.

    Can’t wait to hear more about the rest of your haul!

  2. Yvs says:

    I feel you on the “cheaper but better” note. My most favorite skin care item is Lancome’s Genifique. But since it’s $78 for the 1-ounce bottle, it isn’t always in my medicine cabinet. Actually it hasn’t been for some time now. My face hates me for it.

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