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“Do you think you have enough accessories?” — Brother #3


Brothers think they are so funny. (They are not.)


Since I really like how my accessories are displayed, I’m sharing them on zee ol’ blog today. I think it’s somewhere between a deconstructed jewelry box, in-store display, and 3D scrapbook.


This display sits on top of an Ikea bookshelf right underneath my TV in my bedroom. Before bed it serves as inspiration for what I might wear the next day. In the morning it’s my last stop before I’m out the door. The rest of the time it catches my attention by reminding me of old friends and good times.

  1. Cherry blossom watercolor from my first trip to Singapore (purchased at Changi Airport).
  2. Fresh flowers because I’m fancy. (Not that fancy these are from Costco.)
  3. Digital picture frame from a few Christmases ago from my parents. Currently pictured: me at the beach in Pulau Besar, Malaysia.
  4. Picture from the Chippendales show in Vegas. 😉
  5. Dessert holder from Le Cirque in Las Vegas (totally different trip…).
  6. Little jar from my Lebanese ex-boss.
  7. Necklace holder from Target.
  8. Vinyl toys I painted during my sabbatical 3 years ago. I call the one on the right Bruno Mars Frankenstein.
  9. Old pic of me and the siblings in the Philippines.
  10. Metallic bowl from a Popsugar Must Have box.
  11. Piglet mini-bowl from Asian restaurant supply store. I have other small bowls in the bathroom and on my vanity to catch errant earrings and rings.
  12. Cupcake holder I painted during a work offsite a few years ago.
  13. Elephant ring holder from a Popsugar Must Have box.


The jewelry is from lots of different places including: Forever21, BaubleBar, t+j designs (proceed with caution here, I’ve noticed shoddy quality and have stopped purchasing), various Popsugar boxes, Lovisa (an Australia brand), and Etsy.

Tell me there are other people who are this intense about their accessories.


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