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Hello, friends!

I’ve been AWOL due to some health issues (damn you, thyroid) but am slowly getting back on the wagon. I hope you had a good holidays! Before we ring in 2016 (OMG) it seems only proper to take a trip down memory lane.

Here’s the breakdown by the numbers:

  • 68 posts to the blog
  • 1,408 views and 808 visitors
  • 8 books read and posted
  • 13 eat posts
  • 18 outfit posts
  • 7 travel destinations: London, Dublin, Paris, Bora Bora, Santiago, Easter Island, Los Angeles

And my personal favorites in the main categories:

In reading: Crazy Rich Asians // I can’t help it the Hong Kong and Singapore references get me every time.

In eating: Hinoki & The Bird // This was mostly memorable because of the company but I never get to see my college friends so having a fancy dinner  at a Top Chef-powered restaurant is a real treat.

In wearing: Ugh so many // The Top 3: I’m still wearing these overalls on the regular, this dress/cover up is the most comfortable thing on earth, and this penguin sweater is still in heavy rotation.

In going: Bora Bora // Absolutely no contest (although I looooooved Easter Island too).

I hope 2015 was good to you and that 2016 is even lovelier.


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