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Girl, when’s the last time you cleaned your make up brushes? New year, clean brushes, amirite?

I did a massive, massive cleaning of nearly all of my brushes while I was on staycation. I usually clean them every 1-2 weeks (depending on how dirty they are) but with the work travel, surgery, recovery, and holidays I had left the task undone for awhile. This sounds extra gross but I wasn’t actually wearing make up for a few weeks so they mostly stood dirty but unused.

I use Sephora brush cleaner and a Sigma cleaning glove (old post | new model) to clean my brushes.


Let’s keep it easy, shall we?

  1. Wet the brushes while keeping the ferrule (that’s the metal ring thing that keeps the brush hairs in place, there’s glue up in there that you don’t want to dislodge) reasonably dry. I use cold water through this whole process.
  2. Put a pump or two of brush cleaner on the damp glove.
  3. Swish swish (ew look a all of that bronzer coming loose). Keep doing this (adding more brush cleaner if needed) until the soap runs clear.
  4. Swish swish on the rinse ridges.
  5. Gently squeeze the excess water out.
  6. Gently brush on a clean, dry towel.

The glove is not totally necessary but it’s useful to have something that can cause gentle friction to get all that gunk out of your brushes. If you’re not into that, just working the bristles with your fingers works fine.

Let’s dry these suckers. For this part you’ll need small rubber bands and a plastic hanger.


  1. I got these from Big Lots, like, 2 years ago. I can’t seem to finish the bag. They must be multiplying in my vanity drawer when I’m not looking.
  2. The blue bar is just the bottom of the aforementioned hanger. Put the rubber band around the handle of the brush.
  3. Put the brush handle next to the hanger and pull the rubber band under and behind the hanger bar.
  4. Pull the rubber band over the end of the brush handle.
  5. Ta da! Secured against the hanger.
  6. Adjust the position of the rubber band so that the brush hangs with the bristles facing down (again, this is the protect the glue in the ferrule).

After they’re all dry I will run them on the ‘refine’ part of the glove to freshen them up a bit too.


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