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Came here for a quick lunch 2 weeks ago. For those friends who know me IRL and are wondering: yes, I paid for my lunch during the work week. Crazy, I know.


Had never heard of this place until my coworker suggested we go here – I really liked it! Pretty extensive selection of different ramens, very nice toothsome noodles, and lots of toppings (including a perfectly cooked soft boiled egg). The service is quick and efficient (but friendly) and there is a constant line out the door during lunch.

I ordered the tantanmen ramen which I had never heard of before but in true Baader Meinhof fashion am now seeing everywhere. This is a ramenized take on dan dan noodles so expect a thicker peanuty/sesame-y spicy sauce (rich and yummy) topped with minced pork (good), canned corn (my fave), aforementioned egg (perfect), greens, bamboo shoots (ew) and bean sprouts.

The dish is very, very rich. I got through less than half of the bowl but enjoyed what I got through. I’d be down to head back to this place and make my way through the other ramen varieties.

Real talk the girl next to me ordered 50% more noodles and all her toppings on the side. She was straight downing the noodles (sluuuurp, slurrrrp sluuuurrrppp) and barely touched the toppings. If that’s not a testament to the yumminess of the broth + noodles, I can’t help you.

Kahoo Ramen (no website but here’s their Yelp page): 4330 Moorpark Ave, San Jose, CA 95129


2 thoughts on “eating > kahoo ramen

  1. justyvs says:

    I’m really envious of the girl next to you. One of my fantasies is to sit crossed-legged in front of my tv with a ridiculously large bowl of noodles. And then eating the whole damn thing. I love noodles. I keep hoping it becomes diet food.

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