making > custom lipsticks at bite lip lab

[This post has been in my drafts for ALMOST A YEAR. What is wrong with me?? Fellow lipstick lovers, my sincere apologies.]


I found out about the Bite Lip Lab right after my last trip to NYC and did a major face palm that I had never visited. This time I was determined to get my fix. So determined that I made my appt two seconds after I found out I was going to be in NYC. [Future visitors – you need an appt if you want some lipstick action!]

Best. Time. Ever.

The ladies that work here are so nice! Make up is always this semi-daunting thing because the folks working the counter look flawless and here you come with your regular-shmo self asking for some help to get pretty. That is not a problem here. Approachable-ness all around.


the color samples the make up artist will use to come up with your custom color

I opted for 2 lipsticks (that’s the most they let you make in one appt) and each cost $34 [edit: the prices have gone up since I first drafted this post, contact the BLL for up to date prices]  although you can ask for some crazy fancy long lasting finish that jacks up the price even more. You also customize the case and scent.

Lipstick #1: “I want a true red that works well with my skin tone but also makes my teeth look whiter. Also, I love matte.”

This was followed with:

“More matte I think.”

“It seems oddly sheer now”

[Start over and tries a different base.]

“A little bit darker and a little more matte.”

“YAY. Love it.”

Lipstick #2: “Something subtle and good for everyday. Not nude though and not berry because I have a lot of those. I want it to look like I did my face but I don’t want to be IN their face. Does that make sense? And matte again because I’m really into matte right now.”

Follow up:

“Oy. It’s the same color as my skin! Washes me out too much.”

[mix mix mix mix mix mix]

“Love it!”

I picked cherry scent for the red which I’ll henceforth call “RBF” and mango citrus for the other which I’ve dubbed “Side Eye”.


here are the colors and scents that they’ll mix to make your lipstick

The whole thing took about an hour. I popped over to Starbucks to grab tea and a muffin while they finished things up for me. Then I skipped back to my hotel and locked myself in my room to work until the sun went down.



A year later and I still reach for Side Eye at least once a week. RBF doesn’t get as much action (maybe once every 2 months?) because it’s competing with the rest of my bold lip collection… 


side eye and rbf

Bite Lip Lab: 174 Prince Street, New York City, NY 10012 (South Village)


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