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Yo, peeps. I got the new Fitbit Alta yesterday!

This is my fourth Fitbit purchase. My first Fitbit One got janky (broken clip, missing button) after 2+ years of use. I bought a replacement which I promptly lost about 2 weeks later. Aaaaaand I have the Aria (the scale) which I use to humble myself when I’m having too good of a day. (haha just kidding)


Pretty cute, right?

Here’s what’s going to happen when your Alta arrives.

  1. Extreme irritation during setup. It took 3 Alta resets, 1 phone restart, 2 app restarts, 4+ hours of Alta charging, 4 failed updates before I got this thing set up. HOW. ANNOYING. What happened to plug n’ play, Fitbit??
  2. You’ll try to fasten the band yourself. Your thumb will cry.
  3. Lose your mind because it won’t respond to the tapping.

Lastly, you’ll start looking stuff up online and realize LOTS of people are having these problems.

I was seriously ready to return this thing but I powered through because danggit if I was going to go another week without a dang fitness tracker.


psst this outfit post coming soon…

Re: the setup.
Go to the Fitbit Help Center and do all of the annoying steps. Other folks have had success using he computer dongle.

Re: the band.
Seriously, just go find a friend to help you. I’m hoping it loosens a wee bit over time and makes it easier to get on and off.

Re: the tapping.
Oh, the tapping. Tapping. Tapping. Tapping. Everyone has been conditioned to ‘tap’ on devices a la using a cellphone. THIS IS NOT THE KIND OF TAPPING THAT ALTA WANTS FROM YOU.

First, go to your Fitbit account settings and make sure it has the wrist that you’re wearing it on and whether you’re left or right handed set up correctly. Now aim for the bottom of the screen near the band. Tap it hard enough for your wrist to feel the pressure. Like your tapping on a window to get someone’s attention.

It’s too early to tell whether this is the right Fitbit for me but hopefully these details save someone from the frustration I had taking this out of the box.

Fitbit Alta in size small (I bought mine on Amazon because Prime forever.)


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