not wearing > colourpop ultra matte lip

I finally admitted to myself that I hate these. I bought them during the holidays, tried them on (they looked horrible but I convinced myself they looked ok), put them away, and then never reached for them again.


The color selection is awesome but the formula on these is A W F U L. Super dry. Unless you want your lips to look like your butthole, stay away.

Hi, again, btw.


5 thoughts on “not wearing > colourpop ultra matte lip

  1. joann says:

    I was just watching a Youtube video that said they reformulated and they’re better now but I can’t bring myself to try again. Fool me once…

  2. abovediamondsandrubies says:

    I think NikkieTutorials on YouTube spoke about these in a video recently… Not sure if it’s these ones but she wasn’t impressed with a lip product from Colourpop 😦 I’ve never tried their products but when I do these won’t be on my list! Thanks for the honest post 🙂

  3. aivlyz says:

    My lips are hardly ever too dry, and I do coat my lips with a layer of good quality lip balm before putting on these lip products. I think they’re not too drying if you do that but it is a pain to get them removed. I, personally, like the colours and longevity they provide <:

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