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I’ve finally gotten over the trauma of my 10+ hour trek back from LAX and can post about all of the delicious food I enjoyed before a Sunday of delays, cancellations, and other airport drudgery.

Animal was *the* hotspot in LA a few years ago. Since I’m always one step behind the times it makes sense that I’m only now getting to try it out.


Fancy Japanese beers are a nice way to start.


This was our real starter: chicken liver toast. A bit hard to split among the 4 of us but livery goodness was still had by all. I took the big piece because I’m sneaky like that.


Pig ears because obviously. Thai flavors on this one mixed with the crunchy, toothy, chewy slivers of pig ear. I’d call this my favorite for the night.


There are not 1, not 2, but 3 menu items with foie gras in them. We went with the biscuit and gravy version. Super rich, super decadent, more livery goodness.


The sirloin carpaccio looked like some modern art. More Asian flavors all up in here (gochuchang, sesame mostly).


This was the closest thing we had to a veggie. Everyone else cut the kernels off and ate it like a fancy person and I just chomped on that thing straight from the cob.

Other stuff we ordered not pictured: fried quail and grits (thumbs up, crispy but tender, a tad on the salty side), rabbit larb (hot and sour just like larb should be), yellowtail collar (meh, my least favorite of the night).

Service here is very good (except for that one guy who answered our question about one of the dishes really unhelpfully). Our main waiter was attentive, friendly, funny, and quick.

Animal: 435 North Fairfax, Los Angeles, CA 90036


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