wearing > unt peel off base coat

I like wearing glitter polish as an accent nail but holy cow it’s a pain in the ass to get off unless you want to wrap your fingers in acetone for 15 minutes. EW. Soooo when I got on the Simply Nailogical hype train on Youtube and learned about peel off base coats I was intrigued.


Look how satisfying it is when it pops off.untpeeloffI use a little cuticle oil and a wooden cuticle stick, gently prod at the edge, and then off it goes. Look how small my gosh dang nail is.

One caveat: this peel off base coat is really good at what it does which means that it will not make your mani last longer. In fact, if you do some rigorous dish washing or hand drying on a towel it will likely pop off right on its own. Oops.

I didn’t want to rock the 4th of July mani for very long and I hate, hate, hate trying to get glitter polish off so this is a nice to have for those times when I reach for the glittery stuff.

Unt Ready for Take off peel off base coast (Amazon)


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