wearing > merona chambray shorts

How boring is this right now?



But that’s okay because dang sometimes life isn’t a runway and you just want shorts that don’t show the underside of your butt or inch their way up your crotch every 4 steps you take. Amirite?

I’m right.

Here ya go, friends. Cheapy Merona shorts from Target that are neither daisy dukes nor bermuda shorts. They are also not high waisted because you are not Kelly Kapowski. They don’t have bedazzled butt pockets. No distressing. No funky wash. Nope, nope, nope.


They are just shorts. Soft, chambray, machine washable, run o’ the mill shorts. Thank you, Target.

These are the 3″ version but if you’re longer legged there’s also a 5″.  For reference, I’m wearing a size 4 and my hip measurement is 37″. (Hi, vanity sizing.)

Merona 3″ chambray shorts | Forever 21 striped shirt (old) | Merona Lakitia sandals | Michael Kors wallet (old)


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