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For fellow moisture junkies have you gotten on the body oil hype train? Here are three mini-reviews of what’s in my rotation.


Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Rich Body Oil // $16.75
I have the lotion and rollerball perfume of this scent (reference: obsession with grapefruit smells in the July empties post). Obvs, this smells lovely but sadly the scent doesn’t really linger. On the moisturizing scale this gives you a wee boost when lotion is applied over it (which is how I use all of my body oils). The rollerball is an easy, no-mess application.

Ahava Dry Oil Body Mist // $15
The smell of this is vaguely familiar – feminine, kind of mature – like your stylish, cool aunt. The spray is super fine which makes for an even overall application. I would say this gives a perceptible moisture boost to your lotion but at a cost. I’ve probably used this less than 5x post-shower and the bottle is already half empty. I’ll keep it to travel with but don’t plan on repurchasing.

One Love Organics gardenia + TEA Antioxidant Body Serum // $39
This came in a Popsugar box ages ago and I’ve been rationing its use every since. You can really, really tell the difference when you use this. Makes your skin so, so soft. I always use this post-travel to resurrect my skin after the dry airplane air. The scent is strong on the gardenia front which is not my favorite but is still nice. The spray bottle is also the messiest of the three and leaves a bit of a slick on the shower floor. I really wish this came in another scent and then it’d be my holy grail.


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