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These are hands down my favorite chocolates in all of the land. I rarely see them so usually grab them (at an exorbitant price) when I’m passing through the International Terminal at SFO. I *think* you can also grab them at most Whole Foods.


Alcove is based out of Socal where they even have a little cafe/bakery.

Jingleberry Crunch is my favorite flavor. I don’t even like white chocolate that much but it’s so yummy here. The cranberries and almonds are pulverized so you get lots of texture in every bite.


I can finish this entire bar in less than a week (with me rationing it after lunch and dinner) which is basically unheard of in the history of my chocolate consumption.

Other good flavors: banana cream crunch (milk chocolate, crisp rice, bananas) and dark chocolate brownie (dark chocolate and crisp brownie bits).

Meh flavors: red velvet (good but nothing special), coconut mango milk chocolate

Alcove Chocolates


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