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Locavore, how I love thee.

This was my favorite meal while we were in the Philippines. There’s a lot of Filipino fusion that’s just meh but this is Filipino fusion done so incredibly right.


If I had to live in the Philippines I’m picking a place that’s walking distance of this restaurant.


Buttery, garlicky, humongous, tender prawns with more parsley then you thought you’d ever need. That’s mayo all over the top because it wasn’t rich enough with just the butter.


Sizzling sinigang: the traditional sour bite of sinigang soup but reduced to a thick sauce and served on a hot plate. Green beans that still have bite, roasted garlic for a little sweetness, and juicy tomatoes round out the beef short ribs. EVERYONE told us to get this and they were right.


Oyster and lechon sisig: crispy, fatty, briny with bits of onion and a velvety gravy.

And my favorite..


Kare kare wings: all of the goodness of crispy chicken wings and the peanutty, salty richness of kare kare sauce. All with a side of bagoong funk.

Locavore: Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines


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