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One upon a time I had a meal in Hanoi that I loooved.

I have mentioned this dish to Vietnamese friends and have asked for recommendations to any places that serve this dish in the Bay. I heard about Thien Long and made some vague goal to try it out next time I was in the area.

Theeeen the friend that took me to the original place in Hanoi moved to the Bay and gave his full fledged endorsement to this place and the vague goal turned into a clear target.


It’s glorious! So glad that I finally tried this place and have a go-to for this dish that I love so much.

You get the sizzling plate of turmeric fried fish with dill, onions, and peanuts and an enormous side of lettuce, herbs, vermicelli noodles, shrimp paste, and spring roll skins.

The other dish we ordered, a beef fried noodle thing, was just meh. Stick with this fish dish and you can’t go wrong. Go early because this place gets busy. We arrived around 12:30pm on a Sunday and had no wait for 3 people but parking was already a nightmare. By the time we left there was a crowd of people waiting for tables.

Service is a bit hard to flag down but generally fine and pretty run of the mill for these Asian-food-in-a-strip-mall type of places.

Thien Long: 3005 Silver Creek Rd #138, San Jose, CA 95121


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