faves > 2016 review

Happy New Year!


8 of my 2016 wears

reading // july // when breath becomes air by paul kalanathi
Did you read this one? Breaks you down and lifts you up at the same time.

eating // november // thien long, san jose
Why did I wait so long to eat here? I need to round up the friends and make another visit.

wearing (clothes & accessories) // january // sorel joan of artic wedge
I’m still loving these and they’ve gotten a decent amount of action this cold season thanks to a little more rain in California. They always always generate conversation and compliments.

wearing (beauty) // march // batiste dry shampoo
This is da real MVP of my routine – esp since I colored my hair red and I can see the beautiful color rinse away every time I wash my hair. I went from washing my hair every day to every other day to being able to go 3 days. That’s a feat, my friends. A sort of gross but very necessary feat that would not be possible without a dry shampoo.

Hope you all had fun, delicious, and restful holiday seasons. Here’s to (a better) 2017!


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