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Happy Saturday, friends! After a super long week at work I’ve been in slug mode ALL DAY TODAY. I figured I should do something productive so here we are churning out some blog posts from my trip to LA last week.


I’ve wanted to try this place for ages and my godson is an early riser so me and his parents used our toddler alarm clock as an opportunity to trek over to Eggslut when it opened at 8am. There was already a considerable line which took 30 minutes to get through.

I ordered the sausage breakfast sandwich and it was…


… good.

Probably not wait-in-line-for-30-minutes good or hey-let’s-have-that-again good, but still good. The brioche bread is nice and soft. The sausage is fine but could use for some extra herbs and spices.

My egg was nicely runny but really poorly placed on the very bottom edge of the sandwich so I was just eating egg white for most of it. When I did get there, the yolk burst and I made a huge mess all over myself. #usererror.

IMO, not quite naughty enough to live up to the name.

Eggslut: 317 S. Broadway Stall D-1, Los Angeles, CA


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