eating > hudson house, redondo beach

I’m feeling extra smug for eating at this place given the famous-factor of the chef. This meal topped off an absolutely gluttonous day in LA. #yolo #pantsdontfit

I really enjoyed everything we ordered this night. Not a strike out in sight.

These brown sugar pork ribs were perfectly sweet and savory and fall of the bone tender.


Cheesy truffle fries with perfectly cooked and perfectly seasoned hanger steak.


This was probably my least favorite of the bunch but only because I think mussels and I are just not good friends. The clams, sauce, and block of bread were so so good.


Wowzas the spice on this hot chicken sandwich is no joke but I LOVED IT. Crispy chicken that will burn your throat and sweet soft bread with some pickles.


Not pictured but also ordered: kale grit fritters (fake healthy fried things – yay), edamame shishito peppers (couldn’t stop eating ’em), and chocolate chip cookies (perfectly chewy with some bourbon milk on the side).

Hudson House has a very extensive drinks menu (it’s actually also a bar) and I enjoyed some Maui pineapple beer with my meal while my friends had some whisky based cocktails. We arrived around 7pm on Saturday and there was no wait for 4 people. There’s a cut chalkboard on the wall if they’re busier.

Hudson House: 514 N Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach, CA



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