eating > boba bar, san diego

I am still thinking about this dessert 2 weeks later.

An egg waffle (crispy, not too sweet) shaped into a makeshift cone, Dole whip and vanilla custard swirl (soooooooooooooo good), strawberries, mangos (a bit overripe), and bananas with a drizzle of honey (perfect). This is the paradise puffle from Boba Bar. It’ll set you back $8.50 but it is so worth it. I honestly considered going back twice in one day.

This place is super cute but is next to the super busy Shanghai Saloon/Dumpling Inn so parking can be a bit of a mess. There’s a new parking structure nearby which is pretty cheap (like $1 an hour or something) so save yourself the headache and park there.

Sadly, while the egg waffles in the Bay Area are pretty good the Dole whip/vanilla combo with honey continues to allude me.

Boba Bar: 4618 Convoy St, San Diego, CA 92111


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