wearing > summer romper

Happy Sunday, friends! I’m all about the adult onesie lately. While I’m currently averaging ~2 jumpsuits or rompers per week the one I’m sharing today is one of my faves. Who am I kidding, I love ’em all but need to start somewhere.

I nabbed this one during a recent Vegas trip. The material is very lightweight and kinda sheer so I paired it with some black boy shorts, a black cami, and a strappy black bralette.

Even with the underclothes, this thing is so comfy for summer. For the onesie-averse specifically due to the bathroom situation, this one is particularly easy to get out of (just undo 2-3 buttons) and since you’re wearing underclothes you are not full-on nekkie in the bathroom.

This is pretty short (most of the reviews on the website cite the short inseam which makes it not so workable for tall girls) but the back does fall longer so no cheek-spillage happening there.

Ecote Allie babydoll romper (Urban Outfitters) | Blowfish Granola sandal in black (Amazon) | Lulu’s strappy bralette (old, similar) | Wetseal boy shorts (old, similar at Target)


wearing > dolan dress remix

When in doubt, throw some chambray over it.

You might remember this dress from way back when. I threw a darker fitted chambray top over it to make it work-safe. Chambray really does save the day sometimes.

This entire outfit is stuff I had sitting around in the closet and threw together to wear differently. Hope it gets you to shop in your own closet. ūüôā

LOFT chambray | Dolan Left Coast dress | Coach bronze heels | LV Neverfull MM

wearing > grana silk pants & tee

The rainy weather is really ruining my wannabe all-silk style.


These look like fancy hospital scrubs or emo pajamas and I love them. The all black is tres chic and makes a perfect palette for crazy bold lipstick and/or jewelry.


This was my first time trying Grana and I will definitely be going back for more (I’m eyeing those silk pajamas forreal). The material has a nice weight and feels so luxe.¬†The short length required no hemming and the price is very reasonable for 100% silk.

I grabbed this Baublebar necklace because I was looking for a Dylan Lex-ish piece without the insane price tag. Score.

Grana silk tee | Grana silk ankle pants | Vince Camuto Lilliana flats (Amazon) | Baublebar Amazon bib necklace (sold out, similar)

wearing > ulta hair haul

How tired are you of product posts? #sorrynotsorry

Ulta is having its annual sale on jumbo hair products and if you’re someone ¬†who uses salon shampoo and conditioners this is the best time to stock up.


I got the Biolage Matrix ScalpSync shampoo which I mentioned in my recent empties post and the Joico K-Pak conditioner which I picked up about 2 months ago and have been loving. For reference, that Joico conditioner is normally $33.99. It’s on sale for $14.99 and you can also use Ulta’s $3.50 off $15 coupon on top of it. I ended paying $13.49 for the bottle. YAY!

I also grabbed these three smaller things: Peter Coppola Just Blow Blow Out Spray (on sale for $5, got this from a deluxe sample set and really like it), K-Pak RevitaLuxe Restorative Treatment ($5.99, my current deep conditioner is not cutting it so wanted to try this out), and Poo~pourri Toilet Spray ($4.99, lol – thought it’d be good for traveling).

Here’s to good hair days!

wearing > december 2016 empties & abandons

Some of the usual suspects and some newbies this round.



Matrix Biolage Scalpsync shampoo $17 from Ulta // This is my go-to shampoo because I get the flakies like nobody’s business AND it’s suitable for color treated hair AND it smells awesome. This bottle lasted from January to August. Already repurchased.

Redken Color Extend Magnetics conditioner¬†$38 from Ulta // This was my first ever conditioner post-coloring my hair for the first time. That’s right, I bought this bottle back in January and it lasted until the end of October. In true kismet Ulta was having a sale on hair stuffs so I paid around $22 for this huge bottle. I generally liked this and it smells great but prefer my current Joico K-pak conditioner so no plans to repurchase. (Note: the cap is different because it’s from my current conditioner.)

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Cherry¬†$7.99 from Ulta // My addiction to dry shampoo continues to grow since I only wash my hair every 3 days or so now. (Achievement unlocked: super *lived-in* hair.) I usually buy this at Marshall’s for a dollar or two less.

Caviar Anti-Aging Moisture Intense Oil Creme Pre-Shampoo Treatment deluxe sample // I got about 5 uses out of this and it smells lovely. I used it whenever I did the full deep conditioning shebang on my hair. I would probably not go out and purchase the full size but I definitely would not mind another sample.

Kenra Nourishing Masque¬†$23 from Ulta // Also bought this after I first colored my hair (and paid a few bucks less). I used it probably once a month or so to deep condition my hair. It did its job but wasn’t earth shattering. I will probably try other deep conditioners before settling on a go-to. Won’t repurchase yet.

Skincare & Body


Heroine Make Eye Makeup Remover¬†$10 from Amazon // No. Doesn’t work any better than the Rimmel makeup remover which is cheaper and easier to get my hands on. Would not repurchase.

Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster¬†$50 from Ulta // I dunno how I ended up with 2 of these. I think I had one in my travel pouch. I’m really digging the Shiseido Aneesa sunscreen that Jen got me so will probably repurchase that instead.

Kirkland Signature Daily Facial Towelettes $14 for the box on Amazon // Finally the last batch of these! Good for taking off make up, but not my favorite smell. Would not repurchase.

CeraVe moisturizing cream¬†$15.99 from Ulta but cheaper from¬†Costco where mine is from // I come back to this every once in awhile¬†but never… crave it. Is craving lotion a thing? I’ll probably repurchase at some point.

fresh Soy Face Cleanser $15 from Sephora // My new favorite. I love the gentle tingling on this. My face feels clean but not too dry and it has a nice fresh smell. Already repurchased the enormous sized version.

Sephora Lingzhi sleeping mask¬†$4 // I think these are only supposed to be single use but I used it 3x and didn’t finish it. I ended up putting it in the empties basket since it was open for longer than I would like. Felt lovely on my face, didn’t smell too strongly, would purchase.

Korean towels $6 for a pack of 8 from Amazon // Love these for some vigorous exfoliation. Would repurchase.

Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution $37 from Ulta // Ye olde staple. Prefer my new cleanser though so will probably not repurchase for awhile.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant $55 from Ulta // This is an old favorite but I have about 1/5th of the bottle left. The powder inside had turned so I had to throw it out. Already repurchased.

Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant in pure vanilla $14 from Sephora // My fave. Already repurchased.



NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen¬†$5.99 from Ulta // Love this deep, blood red color but this tube was pretty old and the cream didn’t look quite right (likely separated). I’m not a huge fan of this formula as I prefer either the traditional liquid lipstick that dries matte or a standard bullet that stays creamy but not slippery.

Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick in Caramello $24 for the full size at Ulta // One of my fave formulas but holy cow this color looks horrible on me. Obviously not a repurchase.

Heroine Make Mascara Long & Curl¬†$18 from Amazon // Forever. Have an embarrassing number of backups…

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard $29 from Sephora // My HG. Already repurchased.

beautyblender¬†$20 each from Sephora // UGH. I hate throwing these away but I took them with me traveling and now they each have a black stain that I can’t get out. Since I’m scared it’s mold or something, I’m not keen on putting it back on my face. Don’t worry I have 5 other BB’s that are holding down the fort. Don’t do the math on how much I’ve spent on sponges.

Whoa that was a lot!

wearing > marc jacobs mouse flats (part 2)

I bought these during a panicked shopping search for backups of my beloved black mouse flats after learning that the Marc by Marc Jacobs line was being discontinued. I came up empty handed for exact backups of my favorites but bought these instead.


Now I can enjoy these cute little mouse faces staring up at me (that sounds weirder than I meant for it) for a little while longer.


Madewell whisper cotton v-neck pocket tee in warm tulip (old, other colors available) | Rag & Bone black skinnies (similar at Nordstrom) | Marc by Marc Jacobs striped mouse flats (6pm) |  Sparklepop Sydney pendant necklace (old from Popsugar Must Have box)

wearing > vince camuto fellen booties

Attention, World! I have purchased my first pair of ankle boots.


My biggest struggle with ankle boots is that they cut your legs off and for shorties like myself that is just not in my life goals. So… I looked for two things: a 2″+ heel AND that front dip at the ankle. That front dip does a lot to keep the eye-line going rather than chopping your legs off.

I looooove what I ended up with: soft suede, subtle little cut outs, my favorite heel height (3″), and a SALE on the day I went to the mall. SHOPPING MIRACLE.



This sweater also got lots of compliments today. Comfy, cozy, oversized, and just a whisper of that off-the-shoulder action. Plus, a little longer in the back to cover you booty.


AND this is my new favorite brand of jeans: Black Orchid. This style in particular, the Amber Zip Skinny, is just the right amount of stretch to be structured but comfy. DENIM MIRACLE.

Free People Showdown Poncho in teal | Black Orchid Amber Zip Skinny in Midnight (Revolve) | Vince Camuto Fellen Bootie in black

wearing > dry body oil

For fellow moisture junkies have you gotten on the body oil hype train? Here are three mini-reviews of what’s in my rotation.


Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Rich Body Oil // $16.75
I have the lotion and rollerball perfume of this scent (reference: obsession with grapefruit smells in the July empties post). Obvs, this smells lovely but sadly the scent doesn’t really linger. On the moisturizing scale this gives you a wee boost when lotion is applied over it (which is how I use all of my body oils). The rollerball is an easy, no-mess application.

Ahava Dry Oil Body Mist // $15
The smell of this is vaguely familiar – feminine, kind of mature – like your stylish, cool aunt. The spray is super fine which makes for an even overall application. I would say this gives a perceptible moisture boost to your lotion but at a cost. I’ve probably used this less than 5x post-shower and the bottle is already half empty. I’ll keep it to travel with but don’t plan on repurchasing.

One Love Organics gardenia + TEA Antioxidant Body Serum // $39
This came in a Popsugar box ages ago and I’ve been rationing its use every since. You can really, really tell the difference when you use this. Makes your skin so, so soft. I always use this post-travel to resurrect my skin after the dry airplane air. The scent is strong on the gardenia front which is not my favorite but is still nice. The spray bottle is also the messiest of the three¬†and leaves a bit of a slick on the shower floor. I really wish this came in another scent and then it’d be my holy grail.

wearing > july empties (and a fail)

I’m back with stuff that I should have thrown in the garbage but collected instead! Yaaaaaay!


We’re gonna start from the top left, mmmkay?

The Body Shop Body Butter in pink grapefruit ($21). I loooooooove grapefruit scented things so I go through this body butter super quick. Sadly, I had to slow down on getting through my other tub because I’m pretty sure this thing attracts mosquitoes. Damn. I usually only spring for this when I got a lot of coupon/sale action going on. I think I paid $12 for this tub.

Bumble and bumble Repair Blow Dry (trial size, regular size $31). This is supposed to be a cream you work into your hair that does magical things when you blow dry. I liked the smell and it did make my hair look less frizzy post-blow dry. That being said, it’s getting too warm to be blow drying my hair much so I’ll probably sit on repurchasing for now.¬†This little trial size lasted 10 uses!

Dermalogica Multi Active Toner ($38). Someone asked me why I use a toner. The answer: to get my skin back to its normal pH after washing my face. Supposedly this inhibits bad bacteria growth and prevents it from drying out. All I know is that my moisturizer is much more effective when I use toner.  Repurchase always.

Hada Laba Tokyo Ultimate Anti Aging Facial Mask ($14.99 for 4). This is my second pack of these. I usually grab them when I have an Ulta coupon handy. Good for those times when your skin is super thirsty because it’s chock full of hyaluronic acid. I have a box of other masks to get through but I’ll probably repurchase this eventually.

elf Clear Brow & Lash Mascara ($2) I don’t understand why anyone would pay more for clear brow gel.

Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance ($66) You and me forever… even though you’re $66 for 3.4 oz.

More freaking Batiste Dry Shampoo ($7.99, on the far right) because the older I get the lazier I get with washing my hair. I even used up my travel size ($3.99) version. Already repurchased both sizes.

Farmacy Sleep Tight ($48) This came in a Popsugar box a few months ago (thank goodness I didn’t pay full price) and I finally tried it last month. Verdict: probably allergic to something in it. I had to wash it off after about half an hour because I couldn’t stop scratching and picking at my face. I’d give it away to a friend or something but because it comes in a not-very-hygienic jar it’s not ideal for sharing. In the bin it goes.

Tony Moly I’m Real Self Purifying Makgeoli Mask ($10.99 for a pack of 11). Meh. I didn’t love this. Left my skin a little irritated. I have one more mask from this pack to try (the others I gave out as part of the giveaway bag for a friend’s bachelorette). Probably won’t repurchase.

BeautyTreats Peach Oxygen Bubble Mask ($1.50). This was an impulse buy from Daiso. Smells nice but irritated my skin. (When did my skin get so sensitive??) Would not repurchase.

Kirkland Signature Daily Facial Towelettes ($19.99 on Amazon but I think it’s cheaper at Costco…). I use these to get my makeup off before my workout. They are generally ok for that. I can barely stand the scent though. Definitely will not repurchase.

Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant in pure vanilla ($8). Dude, the aluminum in regular deodorants/antiperspirants freak me out. This is one of those au naturale deodorants that probably would not help someone who has strong odor issues. I don’t need anything heavy duty so this does the job. My favorite scent is the vanilla grapefruit. Already repurchased. Truthfully, I have about 3 of these floating around – in my gym bag, at my work desk, in the bathroom.

beautyblender blendercleanser (value pack size, regular size $18). I bought a different, much cheaper cleanser that was recommended by the beauty forums and while it gets the beautyblender squeaky clean it doesn’t get rid of the stains. Only these exorbitantly priced beautyblender branded ones do. Good thing it lasts awhile. Already repurchased.

Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara ($13-$18) I love you forever!

Off to the garbage. See ya next time.

wearing > merona chambray shorts

How boring is this right now?



But that’s okay because dang sometimes life isn’t a runway and you just want shorts that don’t show the underside of your butt or inch their way up your crotch¬†every¬†4 steps you take. Amirite?

I’m right.

Here ya go, friends. Cheapy Merona shorts from Target that are neither daisy dukes nor bermuda shorts. They are also not high waisted because you are not Kelly Kapowski. They don’t have bedazzled butt pockets. No distressing. No funky wash. Nope, nope, nope.


They are just shorts. Soft, chambray, machine washable, run o’ the mill shorts. Thank you, Target.

These are the 3″ version but if you’re longer legged there’s also a 5″. ¬†For reference, I’m wearing a size 4 and my hip measurement is 37″. (Hi, vanity sizing.)

Merona 3″ chambray shorts | Forever 21 striped shirt (old) | Merona Lakitia sandals | Michael Kors wallet¬†(old)